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But instead, he pulled down his pants and shut the door behind him. "Mind if I join you two ?" Oliver and I looked at each other, shocked that Bill wa...ted to join us. "Come here, Brookelle." Bill said, hooking his finger in the "come here" motion. I came out from behind Oliver, revealing my outfit as Bill pushed me down to my knees in front of him. "Show daddy how much of a good girl you are." I obliged, pulling down Bill's boxers letting his hard cock spring out. I grinned at the size. It was. She felt a weakness flow through her, but had to ask the next question.“Some women have had more than one of your babies?”He nodded.She sat back up and felt the prick that had made more than ten babies, fully penetrating her pussy. It clenched, yet again.“Mandy, honey,” he said. “If you don’t want to have a baby, that’s fine.”“I know that,” she said. “Be quiet. I’m thinking.”What she was thinking about was that she had a good job, that was going to get better, if her father’s plan worked out.. I can remember the rest of the story like it was yesterday. It was a Saturday which meant a half day of work. We would go out until lunch and then have the rest of the day free. It was college football season. Cecil and I had watched pretty much all afternoon and after dinner I went to have a shower. I came back to the cell and got dressed. Loose white boxers, gym shorts and a white t shirt. I was bending over to adjust my bedsheets and Cecil was moving towards the lockers to grab his shower. I was still in a daze when until her fingers played with the hairs on my chest, until her mouth sucked on my right nipple and she bit it gently. She then moved down and began rubbing my legs from toes to all the way up. My cock got excited as her magical touch glided across my body, and my minds screamed, “Round two has just begun!” Kandy continued to fondle me all over except for my cock. My cock stood erect, as my pre-cum started to flow. She grasped my cock with her right hand, and.

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