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I guess you are stuck with me." Mike. I want you tonight. You promised." I promised I would be back in your life if you wanted me." I want you," she p...otested."When do you graduate?"Puzzled, she answered, "Next month on the 12th." Check your mail for a plane ticket and have your bags packed." I can't bring everything on a plane," she said.I chuckled. "Let's start with a week." It's been too long. I want more than a week," she objected."We've got all the time we want. Don't be greedy. I'll see. "I'm just here to pick up my last paycheck."Her eyes grew wide, and I felt myself blushing. "Oh my God," she said,recognizing me. "What did you do?" I got a new job," I said."Doing what?" I'm a hostess." Does Lisa know?" she whispered."I'm working with Lisa," I told her."Hang on," she said, scurrying around the cut-table and back into theoffice. I adjusted my purse strap and glanced down at my pointy toedshoes as I heard a concerned murmuring coming from the back of thestore. It was. The odor was still there, but would the woman allow him to resume his fascination with it? He looked into her eyes for a sign.Marsha lifted the T-shirt hem just enough to expose her matted black muff."Did you clean me up so well? Do I need to make fresh cum for you, baby?" She applied fingertips to her bug, just over the hood of her sensitive clit. Immediately her body responded, sending a warm flush down her thighs and across her chest. Feet taking a wider stance, Marsha reached deeper into. When he finally filled her full of his cream it was a huge load and ran out and he pulled his cock out and ran his fingers through it and then put them in her mouth. "Like the taste of my cream baby? Here is more." He gave her several fingers full of cum then he pulled her mouth to his cock and told her "Now lick our juice off my cock. Then show me how good you can suck cock. If you are real good I will give your throat a taste of my cream and a big taste." She began licking his cock and he.

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