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Recently Sarah's been feeling neglected from the lack of time and affection Tom been giving her .As time goes buy the pain grows along with a growing ...istance and of doubt ever since Sarah found text messages from other women in Toms cell. Tome denied any foul play , he told Sarah that they were business clients and Sarah should not worry. Tom finally made time for Sarah he surprised her with a candle light dinner at home with wine as they drank and danced Tom asked Sarah to put on her two. Thomas, or can I call you Bob? I'm Dan Sanders, head of programming."Wow! Head of programming, I've heard of this guy."Nice to meet you, Sir," I said."Not Sir, Dan. Sit."After we both sat down, he said, "I've watched your work for the three years you've worked here and have been very pleased. It's too bad you came along about the time the company got into its present financial turmoil, but, I have a deal for you. One of our founders is taking his money and running. He's running to open another. "Dora nodded in agreement, it was understandable and something she herselfwould have done. Karen added, "While visiting one week she fell in lovewith and was impregnated by a young man whose mother is one of my closestfriends. He is my brother's nephew through his wife's family. He fell inlove with Emma as she fell in love with him. As part of coming to be partof my son and daughter's wedding party Emma was forced by my children toherself marry. She is now the mother a beautiful baby girl and. Not only had I never seen a black cock before, I had never seen a cock that was uncut. I was curious, amazed and so fucking turned on and hard that my young dick hurt!Over the next few minutes I had reached out and touched the huge dangling cock and he told me how to touch it to make it feel good. I was literally panting and for the first time in my life, I was so turned on, I felt precum dripping off my balls without touching my own cock.When he first told me he wanted me to kiss it, I almost.

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