I then decided it was now or never so walked about halfway to them naked, hard and stroking my cock, standing there she looked from behind her husband...and she could clearly see me wanking, I stopped so she could get a good look at my hard cock and got a big smile from her in return before she started sucking his cock again, I then moved closer and again she looked and smiled so I kept moving closer and getting a big smile until I was only about 6 foot away and could clearly see her sucking his. She was frightened at the tiny space where she was to be trapped for so long and panic started to rise inside her, threatening to make her scream. As the horror of it began to sink in and her forced bravado in front of Hatchet-Face evaporated, she wanted nothing more than to howl and beat on the door, tearfully begging for mercy. But she knew this was useless. She was here for the next two years at least - probably quite a bit more - and must be brave and, above all, level headed through each. Assured, I laid on my stomach and slowly moved in towards her pussy until my face was an inch away from her lips. I was very nervous being between her thick legs knowing she could wake up at any moment but leaned in further anyway and took a big sniff of her hairy cunt. My nose was touching her pussy lips I was so close.The aroma of her hairy pussy was magnificent, and she was also very wet for some reason because when I moved my face back my nose was wet. Still between her legs I decided I. Both of them were hurting; Michelle from the loss of her husband and John from his wife's illness. It couldn't do any harm, I thought.Michelle signed the bill and I thanked her for the excellent lunch. It was an unexpected pleasure. As we walked out of the dining room, I surveyed the attractive widow. Five-foot-five or six, I guessed, attractive mature build, carefully coiffed silver-blonde hair, nice ass, and a confident stride. All-in-all, a very lovely package."How did you get here, Dex?".

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