She quickly grabbed my cock and positioned me for entry into her vagina. As I pushed myself into the folds of her vagina, her eyes widened even more. ...s her vagina enveloped my cock, the walls of her pussy pulsating uncontrollably. Our pubic bones met, and she shuddered.“Oh my God!” she breathlessly exclaimed, turning a deep reddish color, then a purplish color, her long slender legs wrapping around me, as she pulled me into a deep-throated and very erotic kiss. She raked her fingertips across. The only one who suspected anything was Bill, who'd already hadme. He kept eyeing me expectantly, but I was playing the nice wife for themoment. When everyone was greased and gassed, I went into the bathroom andtook off my panties. Then I returned to the table and "accidentally"knocked off some chips. Of course, I bent at the waist to pick them up,revealing my bare pussy for all to see. One guy inserted a finger rightinto me and we were off. Knowing my desires, Bill suggested that I lay. I pointed at my table while sitting beside her on sofa.It was an amazing site to see when she got up in front of me, Rubbing her ass cheeks with my face and then bending down showing me her awesome curves along with that small soft ass.We soon started talking to each other, came to know she just shifted few months back and it’s just one of her stupid marketing project. Time just flied and in no time we kissed each other, our tongues were fighting with each other, lips which I had never tasted. Professor Davi was supposed to behis Genetics professor for next year, at least according to his fouryear plan.If he screwed up, if they found out who he was... and if word gotout... he'd have to transfer for sure. But if Ashley thought he coulddo it...He opened up the box that contained Eve Tanaka, his "sister"...somehow. He quickly discarded his clothes and began his transformation.Adam had learned a lot from Katie and Joan, the latter in particular,which is another reason he felt pressured.

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