My plan was to scan the minds of passersby until I found a gang member. From there, I would play it by ear until I could find the leader of the gang. ... had no idea how long that was going to take, but I was learning patience. I was sure that I could make myself wait until the right person came along.Well, wait I did! It was nearly noon before I found a gang member who was headed to the gang headquarters where he expected to meet the boss of the bunch. This forced me to move in daylight, but I. Squirt after squirt of baby making sperm shot into her belly, filling every crack and crevasse. If she wasn’t pregnant before, she certainly was now. With a final kiss, he eased away from her body, his cock making a plopping sound as it was withdrawn from her well used hole. Paula lay there with her legs spread wide, her pussy lips gaping open, red and swollen, as thick sperm seeped from her cunt and streamed down her ass. When the light came on, she had to be helped to the shower before. "So I wanted to remind all the guests to please visit our website to vote on the lovely winners of tonight's show. Go to BBluesBabe2015 to cast your vote!" I nudged Jeff and the bar lights dimmed again as our three gals strutted out on stage to an old Deja Vu Club song "Pussy Control". Now all our girls had some moves, and they showed us all of them. Tracey danced center, barefoot as Liza and Kara switched back and forth around the blonde, Liza's stretchy mini dress made it's move toward her. "Well, what do you want me to do? Lie? It's not my fault you're so ridiculously hot," Kelsey grinned cheekily."Kelsey!" Amanda whined plaintively."What do you think, Damon?" Kelsey hammered on, mercilessly."I eh ... think I, eh..." I said, quite eloquently."Judging by the way you were ogling her a little while ago, I assume you completely agree!" my sister said, flashing me a teasing grin.Amanda and I glanced at each other simultaneously, staring into each other's eyes. As if on cue, we both.

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