He then told me to take it deeper. I didn’t do it right away but after some hesitation I did. Again I was in a different world, a strange one. I was...’t sure if I liked it, in fact I think I didn’t but curiosity kept me going. His entire head was in my mouth now as well as some of his shaft. I decided to go for it and took a little more and then a little more and soon my mouth was full and I gagged and pulled his cock out. I waited a few seconds and took it in again. His cock was about the same. On top of that, I was just not interested. To please him, I gave him a long, slow, savory tongue-lashing of his penis, suckling him until he exploded in my mouth. I teased him more by holding his ejaculate in my mouth, and then displaying it before I swallowed, then made a lewd display of my tongue, to show he was down my gullet. I had never done that before, but Tony commented on my being a lewd woman. He loved it!So now it was the morning after. Physically, I felt better. But emotionally, I. Now he was getting full access of my boobs since my hand were upholding the bar. So with each jerk he was enjoying my big boobs. I was also getting hot. Now the closeness between us was so much that his face and mine face started rubbing each other. Second with some more courage started rolling his hands over my arms and some times armpits. I was feeling ticklish an I could feel the wetness in my panties.Second guy also came closer and started rubbing his dick with my thighs. Bobby was pressing. Jamie pulled back off me and crawled back up on top of me. I said “Oh my god that was so amazing, how did you get so good at that?”She just smiled and laid down on top of me.Now it was my turn. My hands slowly slid down her back and over her ass. I did the same as her, and hooked my thumbs into her shorts, then started to push down. She started to object but I said “At least take these off”, so she let me push the running shorts off. Now I was naked, and she was in just her tight little undies..

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