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”I asked, “So every time a woman touches my arm or crosses her legs that means she wants to fuck me?”“No, no you lunkhead, there has to be mul...iple signals not just one. Jesus Tony for such a smart guy you can be such a dork sometimes!”We both were laughing when Beth was back with our drinks. “What’s the joke you two?”“Mary Ann has been educating me on the subtle art of female body language used to attract a mate.”She asked, “And how did you get on that particular subject?”Mary Ann said,. “Shh. How quiet can you be, Penny? Can you keep it in if I do this?” I slid my fingers inside her and hooked them up to massage her g-spot. She grabbed my knee, digging her fingers in, and lifted her hips to my hand. “I can’t wait to make love to you,” I whispered in her ear. “Are you looking forward to having me inside you?” She nodded, the muscles of her pussy clenching around my fingers. I tickled her clit with my thumb as I worked my fingers inside her. “Come for me, Pen. Come hard,” I. “That looks so fuckin’ good” I said to Aaron. After a few minutes, I let go off Jon, “You got me so fuckin’ hot baby” I told Aaron as I took hold of my tits and fondled them next to Aaron’s face. Aaron leaned down a bit and began to suck on my tits, running his tongue over my nipples, and then biting them just enough to send shivers down my body. I looked back down to Jon, “You enjoying that cock whore?” I asked. “You like sucking cocks?” Jon could only moan out in approval as he continued. My mouth disengages from hers and starts to kiss and nibble down her chin to her neck and then to her chest and the beginning of the swell of her breasts. My tongue pushes between them and explores all around each one in turn, licking, biting gently, nibbling, becoming intimately acquainted with every part of each perfect globe before frantically sucking each stiff nipple in turn and attempting to suck each whole breast fully into my mouth.My arms encircle her, hands running up and down her.

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