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He said, "Abe and a couple of the mechanics have made the inside into a very comfortable transport, complete with air conditioning, and with plenty of...our special transparent shields so the people riding inside are aware of what is going on outside."I asked, "Is it cost effective for cities and states? With all of their budget problems, a vehicle like that could now be well out of reach for most communities."Chance answered, "We're about twenty-five percent of what most vehicle manufacturers. She would have to take a chance on the highway.Walking along the cobblestone road she noticed a white flash in the woods. In an instant, her hands were on the bow. Arrow drawn and cocked, her rippling arms glistening in the morning light as she pulled back the string. Again the flash, the arrow sailed true and struck the rabbit. Happily she ran to her quarry, picked it up and tied it to her waist. "Sustenance!" She wanted to scream in delight it but that would have brought unwanted attention.. “Hi Daddy” I said, “I hope you don’t mind me calling you Daddy?” I asked as I didn’t want to upset him. His response pleased me, “Not at all, but I am not your real Dad though” he said with a grin which made me smile as now I didn’t feel too bad about sucking his cock. I was still topless and sitting opposite him gave me an opportunity to tease him a bit so I leant back in the chair and opened my legs a bit giving him a perfect view of my now damp knickers.As we were having a relaxing chat and. She shivered, and I looked down to see that the 'serve was now sucking the little toe and running its tongue around it.Suddenly, it was very still in there. I could hear a tiny slurp as it finished with one toe and went on to the next — and the faintest of moans from Anne. She was now slumped back with her elbows on the counter, her mouth open but her eyes closed, while the 'serve was bending to its task, not with disgust, but with enthusiasm.I was not sure what was happening. This is not what.

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