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She thanked Grandma for the midnight swim and walked to her husband's car with the Saudi flags on the front. Inside was her husband, a prince. He gave...her a kiss and asked her if she enjoyed her swim. She thanked him for his indulgence."Are you coming to Christmas dinner?" asked Claus."We wouldn't miss being with you for this Christmas for the world," replied Grandma."Pick you up around two?" Sounds good," answered Grandma.And with that, St. Nick drove his sleigh back to the North Pole. He. Part of her wanted to ask why, but she feared going down Vasily's conversational rabbit hole again. Besides, she had a good idea of why he kept them, though she could hardly believe it."Someone's sentimental," she teased with a sing-song lilt, eyeing him with a spiked brow.Vasily pouted his lips and shrugged as he looked aside. "I am not sentimental," he declared but lacking his usual sharpness.Carie chuckled and sighed, a refreshing breath flowing through her. She covered her eyes and shook. ? The expected anger at my outburst didn?tcome; instead I could only see pity in his eyes.? He reached out and this time stroked my hair,though I still flinched. ?Jill, I am sorry but that is something that will not happen.Your old life is gone and you can never return to it.?? The factual way he dismissed my old life justmade be cry again, thinking of all the people I would never see again.? I felt a soft hand on my shoulder and againfelt my head being lowered onto Gina?s shoulder.? This time. ”“What is it? I’ll do anything for you two. You have been nothing but kind to me and I love little Claire so much.”“You know I can’t carry a second child due to my medical condition. I need you to have sex with Colin and have a child. Once you have the child, you can help us raise both Claire and the new baby.”She looked at Tara with shock. “But I’ve never had sex with anyone and having sex with a man and having a baby before marriage would be a sin.”“It would be Shannon. But that is only.

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