An egg? Kanaya grabbed the large sphere and couldn’t believe this had come out of her. It was the size of a volleyball and the same color as gamzee'... fluids. She had...given birth...was this something jade bloods could do exclusively? Maybe rose knew. Kanaya set the egg on the floor and tried to stand, on her admittedly weak legs, but the mother grub knocked her on her back again and started prodding her belly once more.” What Are You Doing? I Already,” Kanaya felt a stirring in her body and. Or any other type of panties.On this particular day this young beauty was going commando. I wondered then if that was a one time thing or was it more common. I spent the next 15 to 20 minutes taking the occasional glance up her skirt. I wasn't able to tell in the dark hallway the state of her pubic hair. I assume like most girls her age she was probably shaved smooth but I was unsure.I went to class after we got the all clear and proceeded to tell my buddy about it and as he, I and the majority. The Mother can't command the robots because aliens continue to jammingthe communications. I have to become a field commander. To make thingseven more complicated, the girl is refusing to let me go alone. I knowshe saved my life back on Deck D. It seems like she knows how thesecreatures behave. I'm getting an idea; I feel like I know what to do.*******We are back on Deck D and close to the communicator. This is as far asI'm dare to come, not to be detected. But this time we crawled on topof the. ”Steve pushed his big cock up to her chin now as Beth continued to talk to him.“Paint your little whore. I want it all over me, Beth cried.”“You’ll get a hosing soon. I’m going to erupt for you and it won’t be lava.”“Fuck em, fuck em hard,” Beth cried in ecstasy. “Give it to me baby.”Steve had gotten long and hard enough on Beth’s breasts that he couldn’t hold the volcano back anymore. He slid his cock two more times and pulled it out of her cleavage, pulling back a little bit and taking aim on.

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