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Thik aahe rekha bolali. Manatun ti vaitagli hoti. Sakali namya kamavar gela. Gharkaam karun zalyavar mhatarine tila ek halka hatoda deun kaamachi karun dili. Rekha jaun khadi phodu lagli. Ya bhagat kayam marnacha unala asto ase tine aikle hote. Khadi fodtana ti aajibaat thakat navti. Pan sadi savrta tichi tarambal udat hoti. Dupari ghari ti changtich ghama ghum houn aali. Mhatari zopun uthali. Doghi jevlya. Aani aaram karat hotya. Rekhachi sadi khup malale li hoti. Tine jasta kapde pan. I dropped my head back and closed my eyes to feel the pleasure. "Feels good Tom" Yeah it's really delightful baby" Look how dose it feel ?!" he put the head of my dick into his mouth."Oh my God Alex your mouth is so hot" The pleasure was incredible and unendurable. He took half of my dick into his hot mouth."Ooooohh Alex aaahh baby suckkkk..... me suck me baby" I stretched out my right hand and caught his darkish blond hair and push his head on my dick and raise my hips up to get deeper in his. Over sized red t-shirt that did not hide his size, grey sweat shorts pulled down mid thigh, with penis in hand, tugging in a very automatic way. But it was the look on his face that I will never forget. Sort of like a hungry man looks at a piece of pie mixed with the way a k** looks at another k**s toy with longing and jealousy. I kept trying to clean up, wiping the side of my face and neck. Then I made a move to step forward and pass him but he leaned in to block my way and smiled. . Aaron wasn't a big chicken fan, considering it to be tough, stringy, and tasteless, usually, but the daughter, Twyla, had managed to turn it into something decent. Clearly favoring her mother, the younger member of the Banks clan had been gifted with a bit more padding here and there, notably in the bust. Given Marion's obvious sensitivity there, Aaron found he didn't miss it in her - it was decorative, but not required. The boyfriend was quiet; he didn't say two words, but Aaron was well aware.

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