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.."Wanda spoke the words even as she tossed the button over her shoulder (and not watching where it fell).Silence.Wanda sat biting her lip, fearful bu... anxious to know if her efforts worked."What was I saying?" Her mom had spoken in a much calmer voice, her face now turning from anger to puzzlement even as Wanda's turned to contained joy."Where Cheryl was mom." Oh yes. I dropped her off at Debbie's'." The best friend of Cheryl's since she had been in the third grade (though Wanda knew that her. Seems awful.’ ‘For you?’ I asked. ‘For me? Unbelievable. ‘I would never have been cruel enough to figure this out on my own. But it turns out if you prevent a woman from coming for weeks on end, she tends to become really tense. ‘So there’s this incredibly scintillating thing – these elegant, refined, fashionable young Japanese women who have trained their whole lives to have stoic ‘outdoor faces,’ who are roiling with this tension from not coming for so long. ‘And the tension very much. Looking at four cocks was something I was not going to pass up on, and the guy on my left undid his flies and asked me if I would delve into his pants and feel it.I looked around the empty tables and felt secure enough to see them all together, besides I needed each owner to be brave enough to show me, so I said as much, 'All of you take your cocks out together'.They did as I bade and oh fucking hell, they were all big boys, and they started to stroke themselves while I watched, as if teasing. I felt my balls getting full and I pulled out of her and started jacking off. Debi looked up at me and smiled, grabbing her tits and pushing them together for a target to aim at. “Cum all over my tits baby, I want to see that hot cum shoot out of you. Do it baby, do it! Fuck you’re turning me on!” The first shot flew out with a power and volume I’ve never felt before. My sperm flew past her tits, roping out across her face. Like an instinct, she opened her mouth and the half of the next shot.

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