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Mark looked down at her, disgusted but turned on. "You really are a fucking slut, aren't you", he said as he put his phone away. "Get dressed, your da... isn't over yet".He didn't give her a chance to clean up, forcing her to put her clothes on while she was covered in doggy cum. They got in his car and drove to the stables that had started this trip in Katie's life. She got a little excited, thinking that Mark was going to let her fuck Midnight again. Then she got disappointed when she saw the. "No, not at all. I'm not really her type."This was the second time he'd used this phrase today but i figured maybehe was friend-zoned or she thought he was too old for her and didn't wantto admit it. So I just dropped the subject.We finished our meal and walked over to another part of the building, anarea I had never been to. We entered a lab and were met by Debbie,dressed in a grey Lycra body suit waving to us. She bounced over to usand gave Lucas a hug."Hi ya, I'm so glad you could make it.. Even you, Greg." Natalie's brother rolled his eyes as he wassingle out once again. "Growing up," Natalie continued, "I had threemajor dreams: to see Man City win the premiership, to be able to liveand work as a woman anytime I pleased, and to marry the most amazinggirl in the world. And at the age of 25, I've accomplished all three ofthose goals. Well, I can't really claim all the credit for the firstone. And if I'm honest, I can't claim it for the second one either, notwith the endless love. The pain between her legs was definitely there but she did very well with it. She found though that as she slammed against the saddle it hurt so she smoothed out her impacts and it forced her to make smoother landings. Surprising a sore pussy could make her ride smoother and better. When Michelle was done she rode to the barn and dismounted. Her legs were tired and felt like lead. When she tied up Ziggy and removed her saddle she felt the cooling in her riding pants. She looked down and.

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