They didn't lose any that night.Davidson recognized the cowboy who had come to see him earlier. He opened a pen and watched the two young men herd the...bawling bunch into it, examining them as they went in. They were obviously strays, and not just because of the mixed brands. They had more weight on them, for the most part, than cows that had been driven all the way from Texas would if they had just arrived. These cows had been standing around for a while, just eating.Next he turned his. He said dont worry mate we all do it, look and I could see a large 8inch plus cock sticking out between his white overalls. Well if you have read my previous stories you will know that I am not adverse to a bit of cock play. I walked towards him stilll with a raging erection and reached forward asking if I could touch him. He thrust his hips forward and eased his big balls out of his overalls. I noticed that he was not circumsized like me but I could pull his foreskin right back to expose this. I am not good at reminding them of the "look, not touch" rule without getting rude and inviting rudeness in return, but I manage. I have to remind them, because the owner has only bought a drink and food licence, not a "drink and play" one, or whatever it is called, so she'd get in trouble if the serving girls misbehaved. I do not want trouble, not for me, not for her, so I behave.Sometimes, when business allows me to relax, I look at the guests, and watch them when they look at me, or at the. "Weren't you here last week?" he asked."I was, yes." Thought so," the guy nodded, then stepped back from the door letting us in. "We're waiting for three more to arrive," he added, and then the girls will be out. Have a seat, there's plenty of booze until they get here."Once inside I noticed there was another obvious bodyguard type as he stood in front of the door which must have led into the bedroom of the suite we were now sitting in. I quickly counted and saw seven other guys besides Brad.

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