We look again at each other; she has changed completely now, full of feminine confidence, her sexual nature coming out and her shyness fading. My sha...t rubs over her thighs as it passes deeper into her sex. We are both soaked with her love-juice now and this action is so easy.“I love your body Su, you are a beautiful woman.”She grinned at me and said, “Carry on saying that, I believe you at the moment!”“You are lovely darling,” I said, this time I am utterly sincere.Su proudly lifts her hips. Meri college mein ek girlfriend thi. Humara relation bohut acha chal raha tha. Physical kuch nahi tha bus pyaar tha (jaisa us samay lagta hai). Par kehte hain na jhameen par dooriyan rishton ki dooriyan badha dete hain. Humare saath bhi kuch aisa hi hua. Main usse bohut pyaar karta tha par usne mujhe avoid karna shuru kar dia. Isi gum mein main bohut sharaab peene lag gaya. Ab kahani ki eham kirdaar ki baat karte hai, Sapna. Meri bohut achi dost thi aur breakup ke baad mujhe sambhalne ki. It was a brown colour panty and it was bulky. I understood the amount of hair inside. I sat in front of her with her legs spread wide and pulled her panty down. There was a bush of hair around her pussy. I was so tempted to wander my dick in that bush and immediately removed my pant and underwear and slowly crept over her body.I slept over her and put my dick approximately into her bush and my dick stuck in her pussy hole straight away. I pushed it in slowly and she started to moan mmmmm ahhhh.. Her hair hadn't even been brushed."Did you call in sick today, Anyu? Your cheeks look like you might be running a fever." Don't try to be funny, Laurant. My new Saturday classes don't start for another week, as I'm sure you know." You and papa must not have gotten much sleep last night. Both of you needing such a long nap." My mother blushed. She looked like she was going to be mad at me, but, instead, she just smiled at me."It was a good nap. Your papa is still asleep. Why don't you go bring.

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