You might like to try walking by placing one foot in front of theother, to help give your hips the proper wiggle, but don't worry, we'lcover all that ...n deportment tomorrow. Be back in an hour for tea." Andoff I went! The grounds were enormous, stretches of open parkland, interspersed withwooded areas, a small, artificial lake and an entirely natural stream butsurrounded by fifteen foot walls topped by spikes you could shave with.I might have enjoyed them if the circumstances had been. . and set back from the road far enough to all allow for exactly the kind of privacy he needed. His cock was throbbing with need and excitement when he sees her dark red cavalier parked in the driveway of what did indeed look like 'grandma's house'... it was also dark and silent. He glanced at his watch, noting that it was just past 2 am, and decides since he can't be sure if she's home yet he should be extra quiet breaking in... and it ended up being a moot point when he discovered a spare key. There is no sex in this story, but I wanted to share it here on LitE, so I am placing it in the ‘Non-Erotic’ section (although whether or not it is erotic is subjective, but if you are looking for wanking material, you should definitely look elsewhere). All constructive comments (whether you like or dislike the story) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading, -Rei ========[ THE STORY ]========== ‘Did I ever tell you about the time I won a rat?’ Turning away from my computer, I look at. Now I am going to share one true incidence which happened to me recently which I had never even thought of frankly speaking friends. I use to read ISS stories and enjoy it was Saturday morning which is a off day for me and as usual I was busy in my holiday work like washing my clothes ironing.My clothes cleaning and all other stuff as I was busy in my work an aunty staying in the first floor of my building came to stares to put her washed cloths for drying she was wearing a nighty which was.

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