I held them to my nose inhaling my lovely teacher's sweet pussy fumes! By now my cock was standing at full attention,I reached down slowly stroking...it... delighting in her scent,I began to lick at the crotch pulling the elastic side gussets apart with my fingers, I scooped those tasty little yellow crystal crusty's hungrily onto my tongue savoring the tangy taste that gave me a rush of tingling ecstasy in my throbbing cock,I looked up and she was standing there in the doorway! So you. Even though he was only her granddad, she knew he was a good guy. It was her mom that usually caused the trouble in their father-daughter relationship. Kiki had hoped that this time it`d be no fighting. Her grandfather was the best guy her mom had ever found. He was kind and gentle with a body that kept Kiki`s mind spinning late at night. Kiki felt bad for him, but she knew it was going to translate into trouble for her. He was going to be in a rotten mood and catching her half-naked with a boy. On the third try she finally managed to lift herself onto her feet."Let me see how your walking practise went and how well you're doing"Lisa blushed but had no choice other than walking around and hoping for water and food.She tiptoed forth and back through the room for 15 Minutes until her feet and ankles started to hurt."OK, that's not too bad. By tomorrow I want you to be able to walk on these"He threw a pair of high heels on the floor in front of Lisa and then stepped towards her, grabbed. As he comes around the corner, I grab him from behind and wrap my arm around his throat. He flails away but the restriction of air to his lungs have him out in a few seconds. He’s only passed out from the sleeper hold.I use his radio and call the other guard to “come look at this.” As he comes around I quickly secure him too. I drag both of them to my truck and lock them into the back with their hands and legs secured with zip ties. I move back to the house and go in the back door. I hear.

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