“I thought we were in a committed relationship! You’re cheating on me!” said Jennifer.There was that fricken laughter again. I don’t know if t...e damned djinn knew about this but the asshole was obviously enjoying the complication. I was amused by it as well if truth be told.Ms. Walker, Chelsea, slowly pulled herself together enough to stand up. Jennifer was wailing away at our teacher, her lover. Chelsea looked wobbly on her four inch stilettoes. Her high heels definitely accented her naked. From the angle the pair of lovers were across the bed and Benita’s back was to Susan. Susan knew enough of sex to know about strap-on-dildos and simply assumed that was what Benita was wearing. In her shocked and horrified mind Susan swore she saw the straps on Benita’s shapely body. Susan was dumbfounded as she watched the scene, a little too long for mere curiosity. Repeatedly Susan watched and examined the flexing ass muscles as Benita thrust into Carmen. For a fleeting moment, the single. Her smeared mascara gave the appearance of two black eyes. She cupped her forehead in the palm of the hand whose elbow was propped against the table. Jan tapped lightly on the glass. "Are you alive?" C'mon in but don't make such a racket." Sandy pinched her forearm. "Yeah, I'm alive, I felt the pinch." Looks like little blond bombshell exploded and the doctor didn't get all the pieces back in the right place." I feel like a slut and I feel like shit. Do you?" Which?" A slut." Ask me later, when. My bladder did feel full, but not painfully so, and I rolled out of the bed and stumbled into the bathroom to deal with some personal issues. Afterwards, I stood, turning to the mirror to wash my hands, and gasped as I glanced up at myself.My hair was hanging off my head, dirty and tangled. My hands and face were filthy, covered in mud, and what must apparently have been darkspawn blood was spattered across my hands and my face. There were tear tracks apparent, leftover from my brief breakdown.

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