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"I want you to." Victor lets my legs fall, increasing his speed again and begins to rub my clitoris, making me squirm in pleasure. My hips buck up, wa...ting more of him. He doesn't stop with his clitoris stimulation and doesn't slow his thrusting. My mouth hangs open as I arch my back, the orgasm is just right there. "Victor. Victor. Oh, Victor, squeeze my breasts," I beg. He squeezes my breasts but my orgasm still won't tip over. My nails dig into his arms as the orgasm continues to build, but. He grabbed my hair and wrapped it around his hand pulling my face towards his crotch."You feel that in their slut?" He snapped as he rubbed my face across his shorts. I could feel the huge cock rubbing on my face and even through his shorts I knew it was going to be the greatest cock I had ever seen."Yes sir I do" I mumbled out "it feels so big".He held my head their. My lips pressed against the huge head of his cock through his shorts."Kiss it bitch" he ordered and I did exactly as told. I. "You'll have to stand in line behind the rest of us," Brandon finished."Bloom, is that you?" came a disembodied voice from the foot of the bed."Yes. Is that you Miss Faragonda?" Bloom asked as she sat up on the edge of the bed."Yes, Bloom," Miss Faragonda answered. "I thought it would be best if I just projected my voice since I wasn't sure what is happening your room." I - I mean we - appreciate that Miss F," Bloom said. "Can you tell me what happened?" In due time, Bloom. I thought it would. The beast had snapped its abdomen and struck her in the face with its penis. It's cock hard enough to shatter bulletproof glass. Tassi's numb mind hoped it would strike again, for the cock would easily punch cleanly through her skull, killing her instantly as it leapt out the back of her head.The spider did not strike again. As it climbed down the wall over top Tassi, it knocked her to the floor with its rear two appendages. She spun along the floor, her loose grip on her rifle failing and it.

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