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But we're getting along really great, Betsy! And she's warm, and loving, and she doesn't seem to go into those blue funks, anymore!" That's wonderful,...Chad." And I don't think I've screwed up, notably, even once." You mean -- by saying the wrong thing?" Right! And the longer I go without screwing up, the more relaxed I get. --And the more relaxed Shirley seems to get." I'm very pleased for both of you, Chad." You're a fucking genius, Betsy. You should get into couples counseling, full-time!". What he thought about my getting both ears pierced, if anything, I had no idea. Kyle and I looked at each other and said in unison, ‘A set for each of us, please.’ The man just smiled and got on with the triple piercing job. My ears were first. It was quickly done. He first swabbed each lobe with an alcohol compound which felt cold as it evaporated. It was to clean the skin and to numb the lobe. He put tiny silver piercing studs into what looked like a hole-punch. He clamped the instrument to. Chambers came out and said to me “I’ve done my best Donna, but you’ll have to do something for him they don’t call him Creepy Cole for nothing” as he winked at me.A couple of minutes went by and a buzzer sounded instructing me to go into his office, I walked in and Mr. Cole was stood in front of his desk facing me, I walked over and stood a few feet away from him. “Well Donna what do you have to say for yourself”.I looked at him and unbuttoned my blazer, pulled my tie off and rolled it up. She told me that she would use his computer when he wasn't home and loved to watch porn and play with her pussy. "Alex's father works long hours and it's been so long since we had sex. I've been extremely horny for a while." she said. I stood up rubbing the bulge that was growing in my pants, "I'm all done with the computer. Is there anything I can do to help you?"She unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She wasn't wearing a bra or panties and my cock was throbbing hard at the sight.

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