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” Michelle watched her father's car pull away, calling out the front door for Chico. They could never let Chico out unattended at home, for fear of ...im being run over. However, since there was nothing for miles except chickens, cows and countryside, they often didn’t see Chico for an entire day, but knew he wouldn’t wander too far, and that he’d come home when he was called. Calling his name and whistling, Michelle grabbed a pair of training shoes and wandered into the back garden. "No doubt. Raymond stood up, easily taking her with him and carried her to where his boys had just been sitting. He tossed her on her back on the couch. It was a filthy thing. She could feel the metal springs under her body, their points pressing into her skin, and the cuffs around her wrists bit into her back as they were pressed under her weight. She looked up to see this mountain of a man unbuckling his pants and then easing them around his ankles. What she saw was worse than she ever expected. . "Those words were like a snuffer on the fire which was Devlin's desire.Those words were like a thousand cold showers to his libido. How quickthe love of her life stops their shared trip to pleasure town startledBecky. She had no idea what was going on. "Is everything alright dear?" Yeah, it is just you bringing up, me in that nightie, snapped me out ofthe zone I was in. I was really lost in the moment of how good it feltfeeling your body and anticipating what was coming next." Dear I brought it. I lay in a bed, or a quilt of some sort, possibly a sleeping bag or fur. The woman who lay beside me stirred slightly, shifting uneasily in her sleep, a small barely audible gasp escaping her supple lips. The lips fascinated me, and I focused upon them more than upon anything. Her lips seemed not only to be beautiful reaching appendages of her body and soul but also seemed a purpose, a reason. I noticed at this time that I too had lips, sticky and reaching, and felt an urge and desire to have.

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