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My Mistress also commanded me to do the same with her to play with her pussy with my toe and I did happily, I could feel her wetness as I ran my big t...e up and down her. Ever now and then I would catch her just in the right spot and a little moan would escape her lips we traded places playing with each other under the table all the time we was there, one time the waitress walked up to our table to see how our dinner was while my Mistress had her foot right on my cock and just as I was about to. Minu: Nisha, Kya baat hai aajkal tu apni jhaant saaf nahi kar rahi. Tu to always clean rahti hai.Nisha: Tune dekh liya, Gandi.. Ae kuch nahi aakash (Nisha\’ husband) use aajkal meri chut ki jhaanten chatne ka shauk hua hai. Wo aise hi kuch kuch naya karne ko kehta rahta hai. 2 mahine se maine wahan clean nahi kiya. use bola hai maine ki ab kuch naya soche, main clean karne wali hoon.Minu: Aakash bhi bada rangila hai, kuch bhi karta hai.Nisha: Kyun tu bata teri pyas bujh rahi hai na, aman apne. I knew I was a slut. I got dressed, exited my car, and was about to lower my skirt when I looked around. Seeing nobody, I instinctively spread my legs and started peeing. I really had to go. As soon as I finished, I lowered my skirt and started to walk back to my desk. What a little orgasm-addicted slut I was, first ruining my car's floor mat and then peeing in public because I was too horny to wait to get home to get myself off.I got home that day and again found myself nude on my couch. Looking down into the water, I passed over Brad, who was swimming along the bottom on his back looking up at me. It was obvious that he enjoyed what he saw. I passed by him and when I turned around to come back, I decided to have a little fun and pulled my top off. It was dark enough that I was pretty sure that no one on the deck above could see. It felt great to have my girls liberated in the water. I was aware that the cool water made my nipples stand firm at attention. I made a few more.

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