He saw everything I had been doing."Jimmy, go to your room and I'll be there in a few minutes to talk with you"He stared at my naked body, looking con...used."Jimmy, go!"He ran off to his bedroom.I threw my clothes on and went to have a talk with him."Jimmy, what you saw was perfectly natural. I haven't been with a man in so long and when a woman doesn't have a man, she uses her fingers to give her pleasure" I explained.He didn't say a word"Jimmy, honey, are you okay?" Yeah. But I'd kind of like. Sarah was topless, the racing suit she trained in was pulled off of her shoulders and rolled down to her waist. He nice perky breasts were outlined by the sun. Her racing cap was still covering her hair, she was in the shallow end of the pool leaned over Trey, who was not wearing any suit at all, sitting on the edge drinking what appeared to be a cup of coffee. Trey was relaxed drinking the coffee and Sarah seemed just as relaxed giving him a blow job. Mark walked by the door so he could watch.. He asked me, Why dont you have panties on? I just told him, I am always horny and they just get in the way. He couldnt believe that I was sexually active and I told him what had happened between me and my cousin and other but I never told him who I had played with. I could see I was having a serious effect on his cock it was bulging through his pants. I asked if I could help release the pressure and you could tell he was having a battle with himself on whether or not he should let me. Finally. I instantly recognized the opportunity which had just presented itself to me. Once he shut the door to the bathroom, I climbed out of bed and waited outside for him. As I waited, I let my cock slide out of my pajama pants and began stroking it. By the time he opened the door, my fully erect penis was pointing right at him as I blocked his exit. As he saw me, a shocked expression popped onto his face and he took stumbled backwards. I whispered to him, “Hey John, you’re not getting by me.

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