I had History next and it was my last lesson so I thought I would come in late hoping Mrs Peters would give me a dentention so I could see her again t...night but when I got to class she just looked at me and shook her head, I knew this meant her boyfriend was going to pick her up. After sitting through a boring history lesson just trying to imagine Katy naked, she told me to stay behind and so I did. Thinking I was going to get some I took my shirt off and walked up to her stealing a kiss, she. But it was going to turn worse, I heard my FIL coming from behind .I had no idea how far I was showing. Coming out of that split second of stillness which seemed like eternity, I dropped my saree and did not bother even pulling up my panty. I somehow managed to walk back with my bangles and jewellery all jingling, which made me even more aware of my predicament and all the more embarrassing. In fact I did not even bother to hear my FIL say sorry .My Hubby seemed completely unaware what had. On the TV I was watching Patty sucking Bill's dick and grinding her pussy into Ray's face, at the same time I was watching Patty passionately sucking my dick. I was afraid I'd blow my load right away, but after another hit on the joint I could feel myself become more relaxed. But the marijuana wouldn't save me for long, not with all the build up I had on the drive up. Patty was taking it as deep as she could now, sliding it down to the back of her throat, the giving her head a little turn, and. About three weeks after not seeing him anymore, I walked by his house about 9:30pm, no cars driving only street lights on and I knocked on the door.The mans name was Frank.Frank came to the door greeting me ” Hey Alicia, come on in baby! What brought ya over?!” I just walked in and sat on the couch in the corner and said..” Not much, was just coming to see how you were.My 18th birthday just passed you know.” He goes ” of course I know!” Making it obvious his excitement was thru the roof.He.

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