As much as I’d like to watch Josh fuck you mom as he munches on my pussy, it’s getting late and he needs to get ready for his date,” Sis said, g...ntly shaking us awake.“Okay, Gerri, let’s take this young man in the shower and get him squeaky clean,” Mom said as we crawled out of bed.“Listen Josh, I think mom would be in agreement that we won’t make you come until you come home from your date. That way you just may give us more of that delicious cum,” Sis said washing my cock and balls as mom. "You're modest, and that's what we all love about you. We spent all day Thursday just talking. It's as if we became best friends all over again!" You did it yourselves," I said, not wanting to take the credit."Anyway, that's not why we kidnapped you," Camille said."Kidnap?" I said. I saw humor in Camille's eyes, though."Wendy called Cammy and told her about Kristen's party," Patty said, ignoring Camille. "We wanted to know if we could do anything to help?" I was trying to write some. "Jim threw the box into the back of the car and turned for dad just as it all went pear-shaped.There were four police cars, all unmarked and all containing armed coppers. "WE'RE ARMED. POLICE! STAND STILL AND DROP YOUR WEAPONS."I'll never forget the look on dad's face as he bought the shooter up, I couldn't believe it, he was actually going for a shootout."DAD, NO," I shouted but my voice was drowned out by the fusillade of rounds that slammed into him, he was dead before he hit the concrete.. Like you two, we love sex. What you saw last night had nothing to do with love. There's only one man that I love, and that's your father. But we both enjoy experiencing other partners sometimes. We have our rules, and as long as we follow them, our marriage is based on trusting each other." Mom?", Karen almost shook her head to clear her foggy mind. "What do you mean, 'Like us two'? Are you saying that... ?" Darling, your Dad and I know that you and your boyfriend had sex yesterday. Your.

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