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He sent her pictures of his huge black cock and she sent him pictures of her playing with toys and face pictures, she said he agreed to a 3 way if the... meet first, she asked if was okay to meet and if she could use my place to meet. I told her to go for it and set it up even though she was nervous we were both excited, she asked what time I would be back in town and told her about 11 pm and my understanding was that we would meet and they would go first and then I would join in. I arrived back. I got my blue bikini panties and a pair of tight blue jeans and a black shirt. i got to the place witch was a little far. it was dark and the place had a sigh light in neon with black out windows. i walked in and there was a front room full of toys and videos and a back area witch was filled with booths. i walked around the toy area for a bit looking around then walked into the back area witch was filled with guys. most of them were older men i was one of the few young ones. i saw a private. ..”“No. Listen to me.” Chrissy heard him kneel down so that he was at her level and felt his other hand on her shoulder—she suppressed a shiver—as he continued to smooth and caress her hair. She felt the warmth inside her increase. “You made some mistakes,” she heard him continue, “—which you’ve already been punished for, and which you told me you were going to try to correct. Did you write to your teacher?”“Y-yes, Father. But he never wrote back.”“That’s not important. You tried.”Both of. "I saw Dr. Blackmon walk through the door. He had pulled his surgical mask down and I could tell from the look on his face that things weren't good. When he said, "Chief and Mrs. Adkins, I'm sorry," I made a bee-line for the door, but Dad stepped in front of me and wrapped me in a bear hug. The moment his arms went around me, I burst into tears.Stroking my hair and kissing the top of my head, he mumbled things to me like he had when I was a kid; every other sentence was, "I love you, Baby."I'm.

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