He was at the foot of the bed now and remarking that I looked like one hot little fuck. Ray stirred and rolled off me and sat on the edge of the bed. ...his new arrival began crawling in between my legs from the bottom of the bed and I made a faint effort to close my legs but found that Ray was gently holding my right thigh wide open for this new man. I looked from one face to another, what I saw in the new arrivals face was best described as pure lust for me as his eyes darted about my sweat. Hanging as it did, she looked as normal as anybody else and she looked a little disappointed in events, that was until the penny dropped.I told her to walk right around the lake and I would follow closely behind. The first part was uneventful her coat hung straight with a hint of swing in tune with her walking, but as she started to enter the bend the breeze was now straight against her and this caused the coat to flow backwards like a robe, and she was helpless to keep it under control,. “Are you sure he can fix it”, I asked. “Sure!” , he said to me. “Follow me and I show you where his garage is”. I got into my car as it drove terrible now and followed their truck down the road a couple of miles until we came to a run down garage with several cars in repair, old tires, car parts laying around. I didn’t see a name on the building or signs about as I went in with the one who spoke english meeting the man inside who he said is his cousin and asked him “can you fix my tire I am in. " You must be pretty busy, so don't get into trouble because you're doingthat when you should be doing something else." No prob, the lieutenant is okay as long as you're doing somethinguseful and not skiving off in a deckchair. I've finished the radio,sat-nav and Internet, my next job is to check out the radar and then godown to the engine room and go over their bits and I'm more or lessdone. The skipper wants everything ready in case we have to move theship." I'm told you're here for a few.

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