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Promise!"And she left.Great.At least, I can say I tried...I began looking around, among masked people in Victorian costumes, trying to recognize someo...e familiar. But as long as I kept my eyes all over the place, I grew the weird feeling of someone keeping their eyes on me...My pochette vibed: a notification on my smartphone.Wait a second... My smartphone! I have a smartphone! I can look for my friends by message!"Bitch has arrived, still can't see your asses. Let me know!"Message sent on. . you found a place huh?" Yeah I did, and pretty close to campus too. I'm really anxious to show it to you," I told her."Oh you are huh?" She giggled. "Anxious to show it to me?"Shane and I had flirted, joked and teased one another enough so far, that it wasn't totally out of character to be hinting at the subject she was now. But there was something in the way she was saying it, that didn't exactly remind me of Shane. So I decided to use the code word."Blue." Blue what?"I waited. And then. I had pulled my fingers out of her before she sat down hard on to my face my tongue buried deep inside of her as she c*** it was great but I wasn't done yet and neither was she .she rolled off of me and got onto her hand and knees I rolled over on to my side grabbing a pillow and placing it under her hips and had her lay down on it I got behind her straddling her legs and began rubbing the head of my still engorged c*** up and down her labia she cooed and squirmed a bit as I grabbed onto her. . this was so awesome having my female friends mom sit on my face. She arched her back and thrashed her hips across my face. I didn't care to take a breath or not, I just wanted to please this awesome woman. She grabs the pillow and covers her face as her sweet smelling pussy floods my face with cum. She then turns around and 69's me. Slapping my cock, pulling my balls and folds my legs back exposing my ass. She then runs her tongue across my taint and into my hole while her lushes tits cup my.

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