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As John returned from his wash, Martha led him into their bedroom. John smiled inwardly, knowing from previous experience that dinner would be cold by...the time they got around to it - but he was disappointed. As soon as the door was closed, Martha turned to face her husband, a hand automatically keeping him at arm's length."Not now, John, we need to talk - about Georgia, that is!" Aw, honey, you know she hates that name. But somehow, I don't think that was the point you were trying to make.". How could he deny it? Its not like he just forgot that room had a camera for days and days. Tom just waited. Everything depended on what Zoe would do next, and what she did next was the biggest sigh of relief Tom could ever exhale. She moved her hand to his cock.As his daughter started to move her hand up and down his shaft, Tom dared to ask, “You aren’t mad?”“I didn’t know how to feel at first. I couldn’t stop thinking about what you did to my pussy. I also couldn’t stop thinking about your. Suddenly, he stops his riding of my chest (titty-fucking, I later learn) and starts to stroke his cock furiously. I think he’s mad with me or that I’ve done something wrong. “Yalina, I can’t hold back any longer. I’m cumming baby. Ready for your pearls?!” And with that his cum comes flying out of his slit. He has his cock positioned so that it’s aimed at my neck. Rope after sticky, thick rope lands on my chocolate-porcelain skin. Pools of cum connected by ropes. Looking down at my chest, I see. The hurt subsided after a few moments as my anus got used to the intrusion. He then spit on his dick and pushed it all the way in. I was experiencing a form of shock that I truly could not describe to you. My anus... now, my boi pussy, was so full of his cock that words cannot describe it. I felt his balls slap against my own. The thoughts going through my head right then were, "Oh, my God! I'm owned!"The guy in front of me was still assaulting my throat and laughing at me while the guy behind.

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