We got into his car and Sharma uncle drove us out of the town. We drove for a while and turned to the row of farmhouses when we stopped, I was surpris...d when I recognized the house. I turned to uncle with surprise on my face. Uncle smiled and said yes, it is the same farmhouse I fucked you for the first time and we got out and Sharma uncle walked me to the house and knocked and hen the door opened, I saw Ravi for the first time. I have to say that I really liked him. He was a tall man, over six. She kissed with new meaning as I pushed gentle in to her tight hole, spearing and spreading her fat meaty lips apart with my cock.She shuddered and breathed in sharply, followed by a moan as half my cock now penetrated her sex recesses. I stopped, still inserted and kissed her again, our tongues probing each other space as I give her time to accommodate my cock.Her hands fell on to my arse, giving encouragement for me to push again while she lifted her leg from the floor and tied it over my. Things had just settled down, and “in”, when Betsy’s second trimester hit. For the first time in her life, sex was of NO interest. So Grandma jumped at the opportunity.This sixty-plus farm woman could still bulldog a calf and throw hay bales. It was rumored that she’d fucked both of her husbands to death. Her usual lovers were rodeo riders and others that were used to hard rides in any saddle. Everyone in the household knew when she was getting laid. The house shook.Fred looked scared when she. After about twenty minutes, our coach strolled up the aisle between the seats and told us to settle down and get some sleep, we were not going anywhere for some time. There were plenty of seats available, we could spread out and make ourselves more comfortable. I sat by the left window of the coach on the row of seats just in front of the back row. When this story took place, I was one month shy of my eighteenth birthday. I looked pretty much as I do now, 5’ 6 tall, long dark wavy hair, blue.

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