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I hear a woman's voice calling to my Master and my whole body becomes wracked with sobs. I bury my face in the pillow and try to drown out the noises ...f their pleasure. This is the worst punishment I have ever received. I would rather be beaten senseless than have to listen to this.I wake up the next morning, my eyes red and swollen from crying until who knows what time of the morning. Light comes landing on my bed and there's only one way that this is possible. I tilt my head up to see my door. Please don't let her bring that up I thought. "Micky, I need to tell you something." Crap, I knew she was going to bring it up. "Tell me anything sweetie." "OK. But just let me say it all before you comment OK." "No comment until you're finished. Got it." She took an obvious deep breath, "You know how I broke up with my boyfriend." "Yep." "Well it wasn't really to do with the distance or anything like that. Micky I have been feeling....um....different for a little while. Kinda like I'm not. I got out and there was a young man who said ‘hi, welcome do you know where your room is’?. I showed him the piece of paper and he said oh thats easy your on my floor and I am the warden. As he showed me into the door and corridor he made me feel at ease ‘Trust me we are going to have a great time, especially this week, its freshers week’ So an hour later we were sat down having beers, 15 young men all getting to know each other, and the 15 girls on the floor above came to say hi. I was already. Not that it was a one fuck deal either, on and off for the last six years I've been slipping her my seven inches until she met this Clive bloke, the one she was marring today. Well give her time and I expect I'll be back on the menu. Ah here are my two younger sisters, both bridesmaids today and don't they look gorgeous too. I wanted to take them into my arms and kiss the top of the exposed tits, but this wasn't the time or the place.The hall was getting a little rowdy now that everybody accept.

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