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.the other guy was a tall man thin with a runners build very nicely dressed and about mid thirty's and very black, not that I cared but our smallville...town didn't see many guys like him. I got my coffee order and went over to there table and said hello as to be polite, Cheryl was obviously a bit nervousas she was flushed and ucomfortable she introduced us and I was surprised that she told them I was her ex husband.I asked about her parents ans she told me they were both now in a nursing home as. I reached down to pull on her nipples. She moaned. Daryl was on his knees. Filming my cock between his Mothers huge breast. I felt weird for a second. Then I looked down. She was stroking my cock and bouncing my balls on her hot breast. I bite my lower lip. She blew me a kiss. After ten minutes. "God! I could do this all day. I love your big cock. Honey! I want you to fuck me now. I want you to fuck me. Like you never fucked anyone else before." she moaned.I pushed myself off the the love seat.. Although my son was an adult, we shared the same blanket. Both of us under one blanket caused a lot of chaos as we both were attracted to each other’s bodies. And my son being a virgin killed him inside.And with him being a virgin and a shy boy I had to act first to commence this beautiful relationship between mother and her son. Somehow I didn’t dare to start the process. But one day, while I was bathing, my son asked me to open the door.Ajay: Maa, I gotta pee please open the door. .. sucking; sipping; tasting you. Oh, baby let's sixty-nine! Eat my cunt while I feast on yours. I want to rub my dripping pussy all over your pretty face. I love the way your tongue feels inside me. Please, Baby, don't stop! OH! MY! GOD! I love it when you do that to my wet, juicy pussy! Yes, my sweet YES. Oh, baby, that was the best sex I've ever had."Aggie watched Christina intently as she spoke and even though her eyes were closed, Aggie knew that Christina was looking at her. When.

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