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This is my time to play. Lay back and give me this gift,’ she tells him. He smiles and resigns himself to allowing her to lead. Megan once again lo...ers her face to his cock. Tracing the ridge with her touch she is mesmerized by how a man can be so hard and yet the skin so soft and smooth at the same time. Flicking her tongue up and down over the ridge, she feels him expand further in her hand. Slipping her hand down then up, she begins to stroke him. She is rewarded with that first glistening. "I like this one better than the green one" I said as I stood from the small couch in the waiting area and approached her. "It's shorter," I said with a grin. "Turn around for me."She made a half turn, looking at her backside in the mirror. "It is kinda short, huh?" she said with a coy smile."I like it. Bend over for me," I asked as I reached for the hem in the back, starting to lift the skirt up again."Get your mind out of the gutter," she said, brushing my hands away."No, look," I said,. She then went into the bathroom and came out with a warm washrag and towel. "Stand still. I don't want to accidentally cut you." Soon I felt the coolness of the shaving cream, and the cool air around my now hairless penis and balls."Before I try my panties on you, I believe you deserve a good spanking. Go over my knees so that I may spank you." Jane was wearing a short skirt with pantyhose. She hiked up her skirt and soon I could feel her soft smooth legs under my body. My erect penis. An awkward silence fell. Silence doesn’t last long when Paula is around. She passed the doorway before quickly back-tracking and bursting in. I felt guilty sweat rising on my skin even before she noticed the knickers sitting on my desk. Glancing between my boss and me, you could almost feel her desperation to go and tell someone what she had found. “No point in wishing you two a good morning by the looks of things!” As she scuttled off, I felt myself creaking back into action. I turned and.

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