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That’s what I do.”“Good boy.”Blink. Back to San Mateo. Thankfully, Bobsy wasn’t discussing naked mole-rats.He said, “Nelson-Eamons is seal...d up tighter than ever. The media can’t get any kind of response out of them.”Bunny patted his hand. Concerned because he was concerned.I said, “Hear anything from Anderson Mothwitz?”“Nope. I can’t believe she called you.”Bunny said, “What do you think it meant, that call?”“I’m puzzled. It seems stupid. I mean, I’m nowhere close to learning anything. A call. The threesome gift had fallen. A present just a little too raw. Relieved I was for this enlightenment, closure. For years I'd been waiting for this indecent exposure. My development precision I should be aware. For a love without condition, for that I may care. With now my vehicle broken down, I do walk everywhere. With not a nickle or dime to pay for cab fare. Alone I live in my big house shack. Never noticed the shades of my streets, that's a fact. An old lady "A" sees me mowing my lawn. She. The kid had enough sense never to refer to himself as "Ted" Williams, and instead had tried to get everyone to call him "T.S."Well, that wasn't so unusual. There had been K.C. Jones, the Celtics basketball great. In baseball, we had C. C. Sabathia, and J. D. Drew, and even our own batting coach, the aforementioned B. J. Surhoff. Lots of jocks used initials in lieu of first names.But some wag got to calling our "T.S. Williams" by the much-more-fun name of "Tough Shit," and, naturally enough,. "Please, James," the horny professor begged, "Please fuck me."James smiled, "As you wish." He closed the gap between them in an instant, pressing his lips to hers as his hand went straight to her pussy. He could feel how slick she was. "Well, Katherine. It seems you enjoyed your little show as much as your students." He rubbed her wet folds while he kissed her neck and stroked her hair."No…" she tried to deny, "No, I didn't. I-" Be honest, Katherine." James ordered, teasing her clit with his.

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