Ok. So be it. Get this out of your system and then make up your mind. I wasn’t going to be part of a perpetual threesome and I wasn’t going to do ...he obvious and find some compliant girl and extract a sick kind of revenge. That wasn’t right for me, or the girl concerned. No, if it came to it I’d rather be single again. Let her have her adventure, let her get well and truly and illicitly fucked and afterwards she would have to choose.That morning in the first lecture was a disaster. I’ve no idea. More aggressive than either though. At first, I wasn't sure if I liked that or not, but as the hours wore on, I found myself leaning more and more towards yes. Eventually, we collapsed alongside each other, panting. Our hands roamed over each other's bodies a while longer before clasping together and falling between us. "You were amazing," I said. "Me? You're a fucking god. Silas better watch out for you." I laughed. "Not hardly, I'm sure." She rolled her head to the side, smiled at me. Her. Ki awaj nikal rahi thi phir bhiaya ne sudha ka ek boobs apne muh me le kar choosane lage aur sudha bhiaya ke lund ko haate se masal rahi thi phir kafi der coosane ke baad bhiya ne sudha se lund chosane ka agarh kiya to sudha gutano ke bal baith gayi aur bhiaya ke lund par jibh phirane lagi aur phir use muh me le liya bhiaya ka lund sudha ke muh me sahi se nahi a raha tha par phir bhi wo unake tope ko chosane me lagi huwi thi kafi der tak chusane ke baad bhiaya ne use upar uthaya aur phir ek jor. Please please stop."“Yes! Dawn your my dirty little slut! Which means I get to use you however I want!” I spoke in a low voice as my hand moved up her back wrapping my finger in her hair I pulled her head backwards firmly.Dawn gasped “Yes! Sir.”I moved Dawn's arm off mine and placed it on her knee and looked round the room and we were beginning to attract a lot of attention, it was about time we went somewhere more private. Dawn brought her legs together and smoothed her skirt down. I moved my.

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