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She continued, ‘I thought I told you to come straight home after you finished studying.’ ‘Mom, I am fine, the Jeep is fine, and as soon as it ge...s fixed, it will be as good as new. I have some money saved, and I’m sure the insurance will cover some of it.’ Sara plopped herself down on the couch as her mother followed her into the living room. ‘I don’t care about the car.’ He mom said softly. ‘I care about you. You have certain responsibilities to this house. I need you to be here when you say. "Uh, Mike, have a second?"It's Crystal, an idiot programmer hired, you suspect, because she has a great pair of tits. She's probably banging one of the executives... way too busy for grunts like you. Not that you'd step out on your beautiful wife Amber at home.Still, you've got to say that she is hot, even if her IQ is probably lower than her bra size. Her long blond hair goes all the way to her calves and she has these big blue eyes that made me get wobbly inside even though I'd never be. He cocked an eyebrow and asked me Are you sure? I nodded. Yes. Please. Uh have a seat. Do you want something to drink? Water? Iced tea? Waters fine. I grabbed two bottles. One for me and the other for him. I tossed him his and sat down across from him. My names Sam by the way. he stretched his hand out and I took it. Ashley. He raised my hand to his lips and electricity went through my veins. My phone buzzed again. It was my master. I glanced at his message but didnt reply. Sam unscrewed the. She washed my hair and combedit expertly. When she had dried it she braided it into a single long braid.She braided a leather thong with a handle at the end into the weave of myhair, forming a leash from my own hair.Her hands were large and rough, and she was a broad, plain woman in her midthirties; there was nothing attractive about her. But in a strange way herexpert handling of me aroused me. She seemed to know my slave's body betterthan I did myself, and her hands were sure and firm as she.

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