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We started dating right after she got a restraining order against Tony. # # # “So…” says I. “Tonight might be the night then?” She gave me a...teasing look and shook out her curly blonde hair and those baby blue eyes twinkled at me. “We’ll see…” As one might expect on New Year’s Eve, we were busy as hell. The snowstorm raged outside and the customers came in covered with it, most of them laughing at the weather outside. I had the front bar and Jill was working the back bar where the bands played.. The months they had been separated hadgiven her plenty of time to think about it. Her body did seem to cravesex at times, he had satisfied that. But he was an absolute dork aroundhim and she loved that about him. Maybe it was love, she didn't reallyknow what it was like. She had been considering herself female formonths now, although she hadn't referred to herself as a woman or agirl. She didn't know why, it just seemed like it was more a state ofmind than a fact of biology. She had never. She took him down her throat moving further down his huge cock than before until her nose was pressed against his abdomen. He held her face tight against his stomach crushing her nose against him almost painfully. Then after she “tapped out” he let her back up and she gagged, nearly retching and the saliva poured from her mouth running over her tits and getting her shelf bra soaked with the slimy stuff. Her mascara had started to run by now and her lipstick was rubbed completely off. She looked. " I said. I walked out the door and headed over to her house. Her father was at the door when I knocked."Hola neighbor!" He said."I need you and your wife to come with me." I said."What is the matter?" he said in a thick Mexican accent."I'll explain in a minute." I said. He called for his wife and after she met him at the door, he spoke in Spanish to her. She nodded and I led them back over to my house where Rosalia was crying on my couch. Her mother ran over to her speaking more Spanish then.

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