I hurriedly went to the Headmaster, who told me that last week he had asked the Sarpanchji to put his weight on the case, as I was an outstanding stud...nt of the village. He also asked me to meet the Sarpanchji at his bungalow the next day in the evening.So, as directed, the next day after school, I took a quick bath, wore a simple white blue bordered saree with matching blouse & became ready for the meeting. I took all my educational certificates in a brown ladies hand-bag & left my house with. And it was Sunday lunch, so we went out on Sunday for lunch to a restaurant. We ordered our lunch and were chatting, we both liked each other company very much, I was constantly commenting on her looks as she was wearing a tank top and jeans, she was looking hot and spicy.Then we went to an ice cream parlor to have ice cream and went back home, she asked me a weird question if I booze, I told no once in blue moon day I do, she replied whenever u booze call me. I was shocked and happy. We had. " She pulls the smock over her head and starts untying the bow at her throat.Marlowe stops trying to pull on his pants and steps out of them instead, his cock still upright. He steps toward her and kisses her again, not overly pleased with his own taste, but, knowing she liked it, and feeling indebted, continues to thrust his tongue in and out of her mouth.Pressing herself against him, she feels his cock against her belly, and kisses him feverishly. She feels his hands on her back, unbuttoning. ." LOVED your pics - very interested - please call as asap" and then a phone number. I called the number and a very sexy woman answered. I introduced myself and explained why I was calling. The wife's name was Lorainne and she was very happy I called. She said that she wasn't here to waste anyone's time so she cut straight to the point. Her and hubby (his name was James) were looking for someone to fuck her while he watched. I asked if that's all he wanted was to watch or did he want to join..

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