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. weakness for men with men. I haven't used the term gay sex,because if they were genuinely 100% gay they would, of course, have no interest whatsoeve... in me. There have been only two occasions in my life where I have been present when two men were having sex. The first occasionI was 18 and at a party and two very camp lads were getting it on. It was a STRAIGHT party apart from them. I timidly asked if I would watch them. They reluctantly agreed, and we decamped to a bedroom, and after they'd. When they were back in the bedroom Mary laid face down on the bed and said "you know where your face belongs, cunt. Put it there right now". Lou got onto the bed, her tits rubbing Mary's thighs, and buried her face into Mary's ass, massaging Mary's ass cheeks, running her hands over Mary's boobs as she used her tongue on Mary's ass, trying to get her tongue into Mary. Lou said she was there for ages, and as Mary got really turned she turned over and said to Lou "rub your tits into my cunt".. . One time we spent the whole morning session joking about all going back to one girl’s home for a lesbian orgy, but, unfortunately they were all joking.” Cut back to Kirsten in close up, twisting her face up. “Not really – an all girl orgy, with that lot, doesn’t appeal ... I love cock too much!” She laughs.We cut to individual shots of her friends laughing and sipping at coffee. They range from the yummy-mummy type to the ‘she needs to skip desert’ type – no models, but none of them are. My aunt was in a fowl mood when she caught me staring at her tits usually she would just blush and ignore me but this time she made a big scene embarrassing me in front of everyone was so hurt and angry with her I vowed to make the bitch pay .round the campfire I made sure her beer was never empty and her whisky glass was always full. My uncle was just as drunk when my aunt Mary fell out of her chair all of us got a good laugh , then uncle Jim said take her to her bed which was a sleeping bag.

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