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I turned to concentrate on the road once more."You two ok there?" I ask somewhat foolishly."We're fine Mike." I heard Dave answer. "Just you concentra...e on the driving and let me take care of your wife!"I bit my lower lip as his idea of taking care of Lin swam through my head. The turning to the country lane was coming up on the right. I slowed, flicked on the indicator then waited for the oncoming car to pass by. As I waited I looked into the mirror once more aware the oncoming headlights. A breeze picked up and she shivered at the chilly air on her bottom and thighs. He’d left her stockings and boots, but they didn’t do much toward protecting her from the weather. She tugged again on the ropes, desperate to get them to loosen. She let out a frustrated curse. All she’d managed to do was rub her skin raw. Panting, she leaned her head back against the rough tree bark and tried not to cry.Why had she ever left Kansas City? She’d been safe there. The farm had been her home as much as. For some reason, she walked out of the valley one day and started organizing the outcasts. Elizabeth is a brilliant, charismatic, and cruel megalomaniac, whose stated intention is to conquer the world and restore the English Monarchy. Elizabeth says her claim to the throne of Great Brittan was legitimate, because she was a descendent of Queen Elizabeth the Second, and the sole surviving member of the House of Windsor."Elizabeth has managed to bring together three of the outcast clans. She only. Why would a guy who rode to school on a pushbike with a handlebar basket and wore his pants over his shirt so the waist band showed, have any idea about sex? He was embarrassing and embarrassed, as were all the boys in our class in an all boys school.The hell with the mechanics, no one told us how to touch a breast for the first time. No one even mentioned the magic of naked skin.Maybe it’s better in the dark. In the blackest night with no more than a sliver of moon reflected on the flat calm.

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