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Big, pendulous tits, with huge areolas and jumbo sized, pencil eraser nipples. Smooth, soft, white skin. Her ass was a marvel of doughy soft flesh tha... I swear I could leave finger impressions in. It was very shapely, if small. Her asshole was tinted slightly darker than pink, and was a smooth large muscular ring. She was not interested in having my cock in it, but in it would go. After licking her pussy to several shuddering orgasms, and fucking it till it was sloppy and gaping open. I rolled. “Oh yes, cum in my mouth” she gagged as she franticly sucked my cock, so I gave the girl what she wanted and released glob after glob of my cum into her mouth as she franticly swallowed, then she broke away with a mouth full of my cum and turned to her sister, who was now also naked, pushed her lips to Stacey’s and began kissing again, swishing the cum between each others mouth with their tongues. Stacey’s hand was now rubbing her older sister’s clit as the continued to kiss, she slowly kissed. The master suite in my home is a bit of a misnomer. It takes up one wing of the house. Before you get to the bedroom, you pass the small gym, which drew her attention. Turning in, she said, "You owe me a massage." That worked for me.The first thing she did was untie a ribbon and shook her hair out. I could smell the herbal shampoo from the doorway. Then she started unbuttoning her dress, which was a clear call for assistance. I set the bottled water down and helped her remove the dress.. Last year after final exams I decided to go to our estate & stay there for about a month or so at most till my results came. We had a servant Rajan there who was around 32 yrs old & worked there from his childhood (even his father worked for us during his whole life who was now dead) he took care of our estate house there & also worked, when I reached there he welcomed me & told me he was going to get married day after tomorrow & invited me to that ceremony which I accepted as it was a custom.

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