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.. I mean remember that night last summer with the bottle of wine?” Kayley asked. My memory of that summer night was vivid. Kayley and I were at my ...each house with a bottle of wine she stole from her parents and we were on our way to tipsy. We were talking about sex, boys and fantasies. I remember suggesting a three way with Kayley but never thought of it anymore after that. “You mean?” I asked “You me and Derek” “Yes” Kayley said pushing me back onto my bed. “But first just you and me.” . ”Kayla used her fingers to massage her most sensitive spot on her body. Her natural wetness caused her moan as she flicked the small hood of her clit. She gently used her fingers knowing that her little vibrator would be the one to bring her to climax.She pulled her hand from her pussy and fumbled on the bed until she found her prized possession. Just before she turned it back on, she pulled her panties completely off and threw them to the floor.Kayla spread her legs and again turned on the. .in the hallway...Jodi let out "I am going to sqquirt..." As Lynn pulled her fingers placing her open mouth for the flood that Lynn's finger moved away for a rather creamy episode. Danni went back to Kristin's cock...grabbing a vibrator...which apparently the apple didn't fall far from the tree as Jodi went and got hers for Lynn....only she had she placed on Lynn's clit...and another she pushed in and out of Lynns moist quim. Lynn was having smaller orgasms through. Inside the cabinet were full head masks mounted upon wig stands. Almost all the masks were of male faces, used by Batman mostly but occasionally by Robin to disguise themselves for undercover work. There were also a few masks with female faces that Batgirl had used on a few missions where all three worked together as a team. Robin had never before given any thought to using one of the femalemasks, but his concept for the joke broke down all barriers to his normal sexual taboos. This.

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