It was not a myth. They were the ones in command in the bedroom; the woman was there for their pleasure and their pleasure alone. Carla cried out as h...r first orgasm overwhelmed her. It was around five minutes later when she began to regain her composure. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Not ones of sadness or pain but ones of joy and fulfilment. She had lost count of the number of orgasms that she had. Tom had fucked her hard and fast holding her face in his hands; he wanted her to see the. Just remember to keep your distance. If you break any of these rules, you're out of here. You put any of my girls in jeopardy, threaten anyone, or endanger us, and you're out on your own."Frank started to argue again, but Billy hushed him up again."That's fine. Lead on. We're looking forward to getting busy again. There wasn't much to do at the campus."With that David led them to the trailer, moving around the girls, giving them a wide berth."I'm telling you guys, you've got to put out an. I then pushed the dildo back inside her causing her to take her mouth off my cock and stare up at me.”Oh fuck”she said several times as she was still squeezing cum out of my cock. “I bet you would love to be sucking cock when another is pounding your sweet pussy” I said as I was fucking her deeper with the toy.When she started to orgasm again I leaned down and with my tongue licked at her clit. When she started cumming I pulled the dildo out replacing it with my mouth. I began sucking hard on. ” Smiling at Laura she cuddled into Matt. Troubled by the way his eyes followed Laura’s pert ass as she left returning to the party.“Down boy.” Holly quipped, raising her eyebrows. “Oh honey, don’t be silly, hell I’m just like any other male, you know? I told you before doll you and me Holly babe. Cant shoot a guy for looking now can you? C’mon.” He chirped patting her ass while thinking of Laura’s. “Anyway doll your little ass is way better.” He retorted. “I can testify to that.” He kissed her.

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