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Lady calls slave anne? ?Is everything in order slave?? ?It is Lady? ?Have all male slaves attired for proper service and come back when ready, slave? ...lave anne knows what to do, and calls the male slaves in the dungeon to be properly dressed for the service? chains are to be tied between their ankles and wrists cuffs, balls to be tied down? rope at the base and weights to pull the balls, ballgags to avoid any noise. Once done, bois are summoned to wait in the dining room and slave anne enters. Another note was taped to the lamp at thedoor. Joe pulled it off and read it. Joe, The minute you go to sleep tonight the reverse-aging will begin. If the man at Spells-R-Us was right, you should begin where I did, and then grow rapidly until you reach thirteen. From there on out, you will grow in real time. Sorry you have to go through this, but it is the only way. One last thing - while you grow, our souls will be intertwined, so we will have each other's memories, and we will live on. I just looked forward to pleasing her.When the weather became warmer she began to sculpt a life size model of me. She said it was her grand project for the winter festival. She was starting it in the summer as it takes time to do a sculpture that big. First she had me pose until she found the position she wanted me in. Then she began to take pictures and drawings of me. Then she began to take molds of my body. The plaster felt cold and slimy but I did my best not to move. It took a while to get. He was a man, and she, his woman. It was meant to be this way and she had no thought to deny it. With a free hand, he grasped her tit and brought his mouth to her hard nipple. The effect of having her nipple sucked and bit while this powerful man slid his length in and out of her was almost more than she could take. Bolts of lightning were jumping from her pussy to her nipples and then pulsing through her fluttering belly. Her eyes rolled up and she bit at her lip. She was groaning before she.

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