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I was always touching my wives and they were always touching each other.One night in late January, we were playing Scrabble. We had all three boards and the girls were showing off new words they had learned in Blossom’s reading class. We all had mugs of hot chocolate and the infants were crawling around causing a general ruckus, when Genevieve stunned everyone with a question.“Mother? If you are our mother, why do we have red hair and you are bald?”Lynn looked at me and raised her. The hand came in contact with my thigh and I moved up until it was on my dick, which felt electric.The hand started to jack me off with an up and down motion. I started to move my hips like I was trying to fuck his hand. I did not want to know who it was. The feeling was intense, and I did not want it to stop. The gripping of my dick got me hard and the stroking was getting faster.The mystery guy was being quiet.I had to keep my voice low to contain my excitement. I had no idea what was going. She led me to the bedroom and closed the door as we moved in. She went up to stand before the mirror on the cupboard and prepared to remove her pallu. I stopped her by holding her hand from behind and pushing myself into her, gathered her in my embrace. I kissed the naked shoulder and she squirmed. I thrust my hard penis against her arse crack to indicate that I was ready. I continued to shower kisses on her shoulder and moved slowly to the back of her neck. I saw her watching me in the mirror. He had helped her through her GCSE’s within his first year of teaching and was now helping her to achieve the grades she needed to head off to university.The quality of teaching had nothing to do with Becci’s new fascination for Maths though, it was more the fact that she had fallen head over heels for Mr Henson. He was only 22 when he first taught Becci and had regularly played rugby, and liked to keep himself in good shape by going to the gym on site after school.Becci had regularly waited.

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