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Simply for revenge, Mr. Holloway." He said quite matter-of-factly pulling on the last bit of the suit. He looked at the front where the sealing mechan...sm was that closed the suit and sealed it to the body. The gears turning in his brain could almost be seen as he searched for the key and within a few seconds he had figured out how to make it work. "Do I need a better reason for having been kept a prisoner without committing a crime?" Fletcher... Ellsworth, your best revenge would be to let us. There were two couples on the couch making out, all four were wearing AussieBum’s which was pretty hot. Alex, Adam and another guy (who was wearing a classic black speedo) were standing in the kitchen watching these two couples going at it on the couch. I was introduced to the other guy, I’ll call him Josh, who was the only single guy other than myself. The four guys on the couch were two couples who had swapped partners and were getting stuck into each other.I was the only one not wearing. After awhile our normal swim turned into a water fight, with Madiie's top coming off and her blushing deep red as I took a quick glance at her chest before turning around to give her some privacy. It didn't escape my sight that her nipples were very engorged, serving to only make me turned on at the idea of Maddie possibly being horny."You can turn around now! Did you see anything?" Oh of course not Maddie, I'm a gentleman." Liar!! Hahaha!"Maddie playfully came towards me and splashed more. It was like trying to fuck a rocket ship, she screamed like I was killing her, then collapsed. I knew I did my job. I pulled my hard cock out. Yumi smiles, panting trying to catch her breath. Baby that was the best love making ever. Now will you fuck me like I’m your whore? Yumi rolls onto her belly and slaps her ass. Her asshole already lubed from her pussy juice I press in. She squirmed and cried a bit at first but I knew not to stop. Finally my head popped in. She sighed softly in relief as.

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