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"Once the princess and I have consummated our union, I will be claiming the hand of Captain Mueller as my wife. To her I will leave the ultimate autho...ity of Oak Hall. Her leadership skills are well known as is her ability to command troops both on the land and sea. I will trust that all of you will give her your confidence and that you will serve under her faithfully while I am away."There were congratulations offered after that, both to Elsa and me. I had spoken to my mates about this the. Cum into my mouth, okay?” I nodded. Rachel brought her mouth back down onto my dick, this time focusing her sucking on my dick’s head. She continued bobbing her head up and down on my burning cock like she was sucking a lollipop, I put my hands in her beautiful hair, gently pushing her down further onto my cock. In a moment I felt a jolt of electricity rush through my body, and my balls tightened. I unloaded several spurts of cum into my hot sister’s waiting mouth. To my amazement she swallowed. " No! You shall be chastised before suffering death by fucking." Spare me, Sire." No! Prepare to meet your doom."This was met not with a wail of terror but a snort of laughter. I was having trouble controlling myself from laughing too at this ridiculous pantomime.I gave her a light but noisy smack on her right buttock.She shrieked, but quite quietly.I repeated on her left buttock."Mercy!" she cried."Quiet!"Another noisy but slightly harder smack to her right cheek.A grunt.Same to the. "But Mom is here and my boyfriend is ..." I never heard what she was trying to say because my lips smothered hers again and our tongues started playing with each other. I wanted to feel all of this babe in my arms, and my hands started franticly pawing at her boobs and groping her ass, and pulling her against my hard-on. "Nice cock," she said, reaching between us. "Nice tits," I replied as I pulled up her shirt, pulled out one of her boobs, and started licking and sucking on her hardened.

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