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This is personal, between him and me. I mean, let's faceit, there's no real need to have a metal pole shoved up my jacksie. Iam, as you pointed out, q...ite capable of standing on my own two feet." But the rules say - " Be logical, Bridie! Look at me! I'm not actually being supported bythe thing! I can move neither forward, backwards, sidewards, or any -wards in between. I can stand on tiptoe..." (I demonstrated this byraising my heels a fraction, causing the dildo to slide down and out bythe. Much fuller after two pregnancies, but not yet sagging from age. Her skin wasn't as pale now as when she was a young Princess from Alderaan. It was darker tanned after years under the orange suns of Coruscant,Her dark reddish-brown nipples stood erect from the mild chill of the room.Leia slid her hands down from her breasts over her flat toned stomach to her sides to caress her hips.They were wider and more shapely now. The Jedi exercises she performed each morning had kept her smooth legs and. Her legs shake hard and she can barely stand, her whole body shaking. With a loud moan, Scott thrusts deep into her and holds it there. He feels her pussy clamp down, all the muscles contracting hard onto his cock. She screams loud, and throws her head back. His cock bursts, his cum exploding from his dick. His load bursts deep inside of her, filling her pussy as they both orgasm at the same time. They hold each other tight, their sweaty bodies pressed together as they fall back against the. ’ Because I tell him almost everything, that message made me feel okay, although I was in sweaty gym clothes with only a towel and water bottle. Todd was standing at my car. How did he know it was mine? But, before I could speak, he opened a bag and handed me a black leather collar and said, “Good, now put this on.” Slave was written in chrome letters and I said, “Excuse me.” “Put this on and follow me. Do not let any cars get between us.”He walked off and I watched him get into a Maserati. Ah,.

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