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A tall man wearing a black hat, jacket and trousers entered the room. He was in his thirties. The princess immediately recognised him. "Hello Princess...Annabelle," he said, smiling."Lord Harris, what are you doing here?" Princess Annabelle was startled to see him. She wore her purple off the shoulder dress where the corset dug too tightly into her. Her long curly brown hair was piled on top of her head."It comes no surprise that the king of France wants to propose to you. He wishes to meet with. Realizing the situation she relaxed a bit and agreed i could watch. Gautam sat next to her and kissed her deeply. He told her how much he loved her and how much he wanted her to be his naughty girl and put on a good show for me. He started playing with her nipples and running his hands over her pussy. Soon she was responding and the familiar sound of her moans was escaping her. It wasn’t long before she was feeling comfortable and really getting into putting on a show for us. She got her. Make your choice. NOW"What could I do? I stayed.That night i was dressed in a tight sheath dress in red and heels andwas out working the lower Manhattan street. I was required to earn aminimum amount of money. It was different every night. More on weekendsand convention nights. I also had a minimum number of clients. Everyevening I was dropped off on a street corner by one of the bikers andevery morning I was picked up by one. Before I could go to bed in mycabinet, I had to turn over all my. At last the silence got to him.“What’s your name?” he asked, with a note of impatience.I put a finger to my mouth. Then I reached for his hand, and placed it on my breast.“Hey!” he said, pulling his hand away. “No offense, but I don’t even know your name. I get the whole thing about the two of us being in this secluded cove, but don’t you think this is a bit fast?”I felt my face drop, and it must have showed. I was surprised and saddened by his reaction.“Okay,” my new friend said with a sigh..

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